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Renovation and Self-made Bar In Ginza: Benvenuti
Renovation and Self-made Bar In Ginza: Opere
Renovation and Self-made Bar In Ginza: Progetti


Interior Design | Self-made Costruction and Installation

YEAR: 2020

SIZE: 1000 sqm


CLIENT: Private

PROJECT BY: Elisa Cecchetti

STATUS: Completed

PHOTOS: Elisa Cecchetti

The bar is located in the Ginza district, Tokyo's most famous upmarket shopping, dining and entertainment district, featuring numerous de- partment stores, boutiques, art galleries, restau- rants, night clubs and cafes.

In April 2020, during the outbreak of the COVID pandemic the owner of the bar decided to renovate it and put me in charge of this project with, as main conditions, a limited budget and a radi- cally different outcome from what it looked like. The bar‘s new design as well as the entire renovation were completed by me, from the painting of the walls to the attachment of the shelves through the interior designing and artistic elements.

The aim was to reuse as much as possible every element and disposable, which made the project more interesting and challenging because it al- lowed me to think and use materials in a totally different way. Furthermore, it is important to underline the problem in Japan of oversize gar- bage disposal, its high cost and long processing time (it can be collected also only twice a year) which pushed me more than ever to find creative ways to repurpose large-size items bound for landfills. Everything was changed with a functio- nal aim and based mainly on supportive design. The space had to be playful but relaxing, stimu- lating but quiet, familiar, and undiscovered.

RECYCLING: a plan B but no planet B.

It's important to offer an explanation on the meaning I gave to "recycle". To me, it means use something at the end of its life, save it and transform it in something different. I really believe that it's wrong to think objects are only made for their original function.

A fridge can be used as a vitrine for art and become sculpture, a rack can be transformed in a bench and table. Used bottles and corks can be the decoration of the space and materials usually utilized for toilet floor can be utilized for lightings and curtains. Using imagination and creativity, opening our mind can let one see things in a new light and give us architects, in this case, the opportunity to experiment

and create something different with what we already have.

I truly believe that a good space and design is not only made by expensive materials but using what we have in the best way possible.

Many times things seems to go in the wrong way but the result at the end, with more effort to find different solutions, it's better than we could originally imagine.

Because there's always a PLAN B but not a PLANET B.

The project is centred on five guiding design ideas:


As stress is a very important problem for human health and wellbeing the enviroment should:

  • give opportunities to socialize;

  • provide access to positive distraction to relie- ve stress and improve wellbeing.

Otherwise, the bar is mainly frequented by re- gular costumers and the aim was to create a space in which they could feel at home and at the same time they could release the stress out. This will be possible through playful spa- ces and the use of art.

PLAYFUL SPACE _ As the shop is a Champagne Bar there were ways to be found in which the costumers could play with the space.

After having tasted the Champagne, every costumer can write their name and date on the cork and launch it in the "corks' forest".

ARTISTIC SPACE_ Art and colors are therapy. The sight of art reduces stress and anxiety and give people good vibes and triggers their creativity.

Everyone enjoys having art to welcome them and seeing it in their day.


One of the client‘s requests was to have a space that could change depending of the quantity of costumers. The lounge is characterized by different types of furniture (low tables, high tables, sofa, bench) which make the space more interesting and suitable for any occasion. The two low tables with sofa and bench are thought to create two different spaces or composed together to accomodate a bigger group of people.


Biophilic Design is a human centred approach aimed at improving our connection to nature and natural processes in the buildings where we live and work. This improved connection can benefit our wellbeing by reducing stress and improving rejuvenation. As the bar is opened only during night time and it could be too expensive, it was difficult to organize the space with real green walls. The choice was to use fake green made with recycled plastic which gives the idea of a garden from which grow out flowers and bottles of Champagne.


It was important to understand the requests of the client and to let the interior fit perfectly with the destination of the place.

  • All the decorations and artistic parts are centered on Champagne theme and the reuse of its products;

The tables of the lounge space are costumized to let the owner decide any time how to organize the space and to change it easily.


The aim is to reuse all the furniture which is in a good condition and give it a second life, changing carefully the space even if it is with the same pieces. This will allow to:

  • Act sustainibility;

  • Create original and creative spaces;

Reduce the cost of the renovation project.

Renovation and Self-made Bar In Ginza: Testo
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