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"Italian Artist Turns Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Into Abstract Impressionist Masterpiece"


An Italian architect and artist based in Tokyo created a new art car based on the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ.

We already know that some of you are cringing because it's sacrilege to do such things to a car that once held the Nurburgring lap record for a production car, albeit for a very short time. Also, the SVJ could have a better track record for customization via paintbrush. In 2021, an SVJ owner painted his own car, which looked like a bad LSD trip. But this is one of the better interpretations we've seen.

Elisa Chana Cecchetti is a highly talented artist whose primary focus is abstract impressionism, though there are some impressionist artworks in her impressive portfolio. She took this unique approach and used the Aventador SVJ as her canvas, resulting in the car you see below.

In true abstract expressionist style, Cecchetti didn't say what the car was meant to represent. The closest she gets to expressing a particular emotion tied to the vehicle is stating that it's boring and a waste of time to be a normal person. Why have a Lamborghini SVJ when you can have an actual one-of-one car?

The paint has since been removed, and the SVJ is back to normal - well, as normal as an SVJ can be - but the artwork she created lives on in the photos that were snapped before it was reset.

Cecchetti can be seen painting the car in the video below, which formed part of a larger Lamborghini event in Tokyo, attracting all manner of stock and modified Lamborghinis.


name: Live painting a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ designer: Elisa Chana Cecchetti

car owner: Manabu Goto (五島学)

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