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Manifesto - Pink Lives matter: Benvenuti
Manifesto - Pink Lives matter: Opere


Bodypainting, soul on body.

It's been almost a year since the day I began to express fragments of life and emotions through the body, and my manifesto was unintentionally born.

A tacitly noisy manifesto of an emotionally gloomy morning.
A manifesto and expression of all those words stifled, sobbed, strangled by the larynx.

Of all those times when I have felt violated, disrespected, just because physically I don't have a pair of balls.  
Of all those times I've raised my voice and screamed those uncomfortable words a girl shouldn't say.  
Of all those times I've been told that I'm an independent hothead, visionary, that I work too much or do too many things, that I should be afraid.  
Of all those times I've risked being lynched or worse, just because of "a matter of principle".
Of all those times I've been called a "whore" or a "slut" for (politely) rejecting someone I had nothing to share with.
Of all those times when I wasn't taken seriously because "pretty girl" and "pretty brain" seem to be mutually exclusive, and when a business meeting turned into an opportunity to jump on me (resulting in an escape).
Of all those times when I didn't feel comfortable in front of a man and I tried to clumsily cover my legs or my cleavage to deflect those looks that strike you inside and make you regurgitate your insides.
Of all the times I received disgusting or aggressive messages or was afraid someone would follow me home.

Because as a woman, there are so many things you “CANNOT”.

There are so many shades of violence.

I've never let anyone tell me how to live my life.
But it often happens that in the myriad of things I do every day I stop for a second to scan what's going on around me and metabolize facts and words.
There are many meanings of the word "violence".
Violence is not only physical or psychological but emotional, how someone, a man, feels free to judge the life of a woman, their feelings, to be able to say how much, where and how to work, even if that someone is not a part of your life. To dictate what you can say, do, and not do.
And yes, many times we don't realize it, but some words, even if they flow as smoothly as water, can change the day, mood and emotions.

It would be nice not to have to have a day in which we celebrate "women" or denounce "violence against women".
It is “normal” to judge a woman.
But no longer acceptable.  
Each of us experiences violence on a daily basis without even realizing it.
It's our life, our future and our happiness, we only have one (or for the moment, at least, only this one).
So yes, don't be afraid to follow who you are and what you really want, better alone and crazy than feeling like in prison.

So today, when you see this picture, stop for a second, stand in front of a mirror, and, whispering sweet words, look into each other's eyes, hug each other, love each other a little more.

Life is beautiful, don't save on happiness.

Manifesto - Pink Lives matter: Testo
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