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"Watch This Italian Artist Paint A Lamborghini Aventador SVJ On The Street"

You won't find another Lamborghini Aventador SVJ quite like this one


Each and every Lamborghini Aventador SVJ built is special but this particular example, residing in Japan, is more striking than most.

A few weeks ago, the owner allowed an Italian artist by the name of Elisa Chana Cecchetti to hand paint the exterior of the Italian supercar live at a car event. The finished result is extremely bold and bound to divide opinions.

Cecchetti was armed with nothing but some paint brushes and various different colors and went to town on every single panel of the Aventador’s exterior. One side of the car has a lot of green and blue paint while the other side is dominated by yellow, red, and orange.

Painting a car as valuable as the Aventador SVJ by hand may sound crazy but it only appears to have been temporary. In fact, the car’s owner recently participated in a Christmas drive event in Japan where it was returned to its original shade of bright blue. This leads us to believe that Cecchetti may have painted on a clear protection film that was later removed.


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